There is more than obvious to Zadar

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There is more than obvious to Zadar


In this article, we reveal the curious aspects of the emerging Croatian business destination – Zadar


Quintessentially naval, the Arsenal is the most inspiring historic venue in Zadar. Once a large port warehouse from the 16th century, the Arsenal was the centre of naval activity in Zadar and played an important role in the Venetian domination of the Adriatic. Today it is a multifunctional space of 1800m² in which the whole concept was implemented as an “indoor town square”.

 If we had to choose one of many features of this place, it would be its exceptional capacity to transform. It can easily become industrial, urban-cool, meeting & conference or superfine gala. It is a place of numerous creative possibilities.






For a typically warm Mediterranean city with loads of sunshine, Zadar has an impressive number of cools.

#cool No.1 Greeting to the Sun – cooling off from a warm day at sunset is much more fun with a banquet near a 22m wide circular installation near the sea. The circle collects solar energy during the day and produces incredible light shows when the sun finally sets down.


Greeting to the Sun

cool No.2 The Sea Organ – a unique architectural work in the historical Zadar, built in the underwater part of the quay. The waves pass through specially designed musical pipes beneath the sea surface and create real music. Just walking by, relaxing at the stairs or even cooling off in the sea, it’s better with the music on.


The Sea Organ

cool No.3 Ledana Bar
Ledana (eng. Icehouse) is a beautifully designed lounge bar in the oldest part of Zadar, with a large garden, historical background and modern architectural performance. It is built on the exact site of an icehouse from the 19th century. The ice was used for cooling beverages and making ice cream for local cafés. Ice blocks were luxury, sourced from nearby Mount Velebit which is a very cool place. In fact, it is a part of the Alps. Today, your cocktails are not cooled with ice blocks from the mountain, due to the fortunate invention of the 1970s ice cube machine. Cheers!


Ledana Bar (Icehouse)

cool No.4 Christmas regatta
Just thinking about sailing at Christmas gives us instant chills! The sea cools off during winter months, so if your office team is very adventurous, you might consider trying out Santa challenge in a Dalmatian style.


Christmas Regatta

cool No.5 Cerovac caves
Zadar lies beneath Mount Velebit, which is a typical seasonal mountain with rocks and green fields during summer and snow and ice during winter. People in Dalmatia live in synergy with the mountain, using it mainly for livestock farming and cooling off during hot summer days. Deep under the grounds of Mount Velebit is a 3 tier cave complex – the Cerovac caves.  Today the caves are open for public and curated by the National Park. The cave scenery is fairy tale like but the attention of a visitor may easily be grasped by many claw marks gorged into the cave walls. With temperatures between 5-11°C , long time ago it was a cave bear residence.  Feeling chills already?


Cerovac Caves



You think romance has nothing to do with business? We will try to prove you wrong. How about falling in love with a place during a business incentive travel? Or finding inspirational love stories on a business event?


romantic No.1 EDITOR’S PICK – Galešnjak – a very special island in Zadar region. It is uninhabited and has no manmade structures. As it’s privately owned, permission has to be sought in order to access it by boat. The romantic appeal of this little heart shaped island boomed in 2009 when it was captured by Google Earth. Camping, picnic, pebble beaches, daydreaming, emerald blue sea, paradise like atmosphere… not really corporate event values but hey, why not?


Galešnjak Island

romantic No.2 The Sphinx – “2016 will be the year in which the forces of entrepreneurialism and feminism converge,” wrote Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest and chairman of Ellevate. “Together, they will drive a long-wave, golden age of female entrepreneurship, which will be positive for all of us: positive and empowering for the women who make the leap, good for the economy, good for consumers, and good for society.”  
Arguably, the power of women was always a strong driving force, whether in business or society. Or in a backyard.  It is not in Egypt and it is a real Sphinx. Created in the early 20th century and placed in the home garden as homage to – a woman. Today it serves not only as a monument of passion and art, but also as an awe inspiring site of Zadar city.


Sphinx of Zadar

romantic No.3 Kornati archipelago – it is literally impossible not to fall in love with this place. The legend says this huge maze of sea passages, islands and islets was created from a hand full of white stones left behind when God created the world. He tossed them into the sea and decided to change nothing – they were perfect. 
Trust us, they are. A rare kind of perfection that can evoke strong emotions. Having an emotional drive can be very powerful in business performance. Sailing along the shores of Kornati islands, enjoying fresh sea food, sipping local wine or admiring the striking view, Kornati Islands will seize a very special place in every heart and motivate people for a long, long time!


Kornati Archipelago National Park


A Word from the Editor

 “The bottom line is that diversity has always been a powerful force. You can rely on the magnificent diversity of Zadar as a business event destination.  Use the capacity of the destination to inspire people to sell, market, educate, train, communicate, collaborate, innovate, and much more.”

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Maša Grgurić