Our methodology

Original thinking is a quality most cherished by our corporate values. Even if it's not revolutionary it gives a fresh look at the issue at hand. Therefore we developed our own methodology of creating programmes that can effectively support your business agenda in three easy steps:

Identify the goal → Induce the right emotion → Match the right motivators

Explore how it works in this sample case:

Step 1.

Setting the Goal

The goal of this programme is to improve management performace during a business transformation. 

Step 2.  

Inducing the right emotion

In a situation where team members in executive roles have to  meet many risks stepping out the zone of comfort of usual business decision making, the team often meets conflicts  and feel unsecure about others unconventional decisions. Such climate is not the most appreciated for a manager performing an already difficult enough task. Mutual trust is the most valuable and supportive emotion that can be critical for successful implementation of new business strategies.  Building trust is one of the most exciting programmes and involve a most unusual palette of feelings such as fear, responsibility, adrenalin rush, confrontation, braking boundaries, sharing universal values, primary instincts, higher cause...

Step 3.

Maching the right motivators

The fear of failing is stronger that the need for achievement, psychologists say. Fear as an emotion can be useful in small doses, but in many business situations it comes as an overload and can cause serious stress inhibiting the manager’s performance. We want to incite the positive approach of „not failing “and turn it into - achieving. Moving towards a meaningful goal, keeping a score and getting feedback are the key components around which we build the experience of the good old „joy of achievement“.

Key elements in this sammple case would be following:

Improve performance in high risk situation → Build trust → Feel the joy of achievement



If youre project requires a specific approach, send us a short brief and let us develop the right solution.