ZAGREB, small capital city with big charm



– the capital city of the Republic of Croatia, it’s a comfortable and charming combination of Central Europe and the Adriatic.

It’s a “small yet big” capital city where you will find Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture blended with a pronounced air of south style, seen in the example of everybody, parading around town to see and be seen on the weekends, in the inhabitants’ passion for life on the city street and in the cafes, and in the city being home to the best seafood restaurants in the country.

It’s a city “made-to-measure for man” where you can find everything you need. From cultural sights and events to beautiful parks as well as a proper mountain and lakes where you can organize various activities, all just a short ride from the centre of town.

From a wide selection of everything you need for small projects which are best suited to an intimate event, through modern luxury locations and all the way to those which are ideal for groups of over a thousand participants, Zagreb is an ideal destination year-round.

It is a city of jazz, animated film, Professor Baltazar, The Museum of Broken Relationships, an impressive festival scene (music, film, theatre, street festivals), life on city squares and in beautiful parks. Each programme can be given some extra zest with a dose of Medieval Zagreb mysticism or a visit to the nearby region of Croatian Zagorje with the Krapina Neanderthal Museum. Making your way around in old-timers you can visit numerous castles in the surrounding area or head for the chocolate factory to satisfy your sweet tooth after finishing a successful meeting.

The surrounding area around Zagreb will offer you unforgettable hilltop views and tasty regional food and wine as well as potentially some dancing to the sounds of the tamburitza and local folklore dances.

Perhaps you’d like to see the Solar System in Zagreb? Yes, Zagreb is the only city in the world which has a real model solar system made to scale, created by local artist Davor Preis in 2004. The starting point of the installation is the “Grounded sun” which is located in the very heart of the city.

Zagreb is a capital city which surprises and impresses. It is a city of a million hearts.