CROATIA -  a Mediterranean and Central European country. It is the youngest EU member state.
A destination whose exceptional diversity encompassed in a relatively small area makes it possible for all visitors to achieve their professional and personal goals as well as to find numerous forms of entertainment.

Core identity

Croatia is a place where diverse natural and cultural characteristics come together in a small and close area. By joining the hills and plains of Central European Pannonia with the Adriatic and its unique and breath-taking islands, Croatia also unites varied historical experiences and exceptionally diverse lifestyles expressed in the traditions of its inhabitants, architecture and ambiance, overall tangible and intangible heritage, delicious food, great drinks, souvenirs, myths and legends…

More atributes

Just one to two hours by plane from all major European centres, Croatia is a destination whose concentrated diversity and developed programmes, can satisfy even the most demanding of clients.

Aside from having so much enchanting nature and cultural diversity in a small area, Croatia’s additional features we can offer you are a preserved environment, authenticity, the hospitality of its people, who speak foreign languages, modern infrastructure with premium facilities, the professional approach of service providers, value for money, and the endless beauty you can find in every corner you turn to.

The Adriatic Sea, with its over 1000 islands, is nothing less than exquisite. Its beauty can be seen from historic stone towns or mountains from whose peaks you can see the mainland, islands and the distant open sea as well as fragrant lavender fields, lakes with waterfalls, crystal-clear rivers, vineyards, fields and olive groves, parks and forest, castles and fortresses, and waterfront and city promenades.

Numerous specialized media outlets, tourism and meetings & events professionals, diplomats, employees of international corporations, individual visitors, scientists, and international superstars have testified to its stunning beauty. They have all come back to Croatia to further explore the destinations which left them enchanted with their aesthetics and the experiences they offered.

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